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Wall and Ceiling Repair

ceiling repair

Damage happens to drywall in areas with a lot of traffic or exposure to light and the elements.  No problem. We are there to put it right and to do so in a smart way that also takes into consideration the causes of the damage and takes steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Large or small we can repair or cut away damaged or unsightly drywall and replace it with stronger sheetrock that we then finish to perfectly blend in with surrounding wall or ceiling work.


Cracks happen even in the most professionally installed drywall as the effects of heat expansion and contraction or the natural settling of construction take their toll. Our professionals can advise you on whether cracks need to be taped, sealed, or covered with an aluminium mesh prior to treatment so that not only do they disappear for now, but they disappear for good. Where we believe cracks are due to structural flaws or irregularities we can advise on where they are and if it can be fixed in a redesign of the drywall then we will do that too.


Stained drywall on walls and ceilings mean that we have to look at a number of factors. The first step is not to repair the damage but rather to get to the root of where the stain is coming from. If it’s low down on walls it can often point to poor drainage or ill laid floor that is causing runoff or plumbing leaks to make their way to the walls. If it’s in the ceilings we need to look to the roof itself as well as ensuring that the sheetrock panels and the in-wall layers are fully waterproof to ensure that they act as a barrier protecting the finish from any further staining or damage.


Holes are typically due to impact when it comes to drywall but can also be caused by gradual wear and tear or an ill advised choice of gypsum sheet or insufficient in-wall reinforcement. Whatever the cause we can fix holes, including large ones, and will not simply plug them but will also trim back the drywall surrounding the hole and replace the entire affected area with new drywall strengthened for the task where necessary. Naturally we then take care of matching the finish to that of the surrounding surfaces so that nobody will ever know there had ever been damage in the first place.

Popcorn Ceilings

Once a mainstay of the American home popcorn ceilings have largely gone out of favor now so if you’re looking at one you may want it changed to a different finish. While not technically a repair, more a remodel, we have no problem repairing or replacing that popcorn effect.  Popcorn ceiling repairs are no small deal since at one point most popcorn ceiling textures used asbestos. We can repair or replace in a way that is safe for the environment, for you, your family, or your customers.

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