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Drywall Repair

drywall repair

If you have kids or pets, you'll know how easy it to damage your drywall. Accidents and plumbing leaks can also wreak havoc and leave unsightly stains or holes.

When you want to make your home look polished and beautiful again, it crucial to hire the right drywall repair company in San Bernardino. 

We will expertly manage your drywall repair and have your walls looking their best again.

Drywall Hole Repair

Whether it a small ding in the wall or a big cratering hole, we have the experience and tools to fix all your drywall holes. 

Once it's finished no one will ever be able to see that it used to be damaged. We have a proven track record of providing seamless, smooth drywall repair.

Small Holes

For smaller holes, it's often possible to patch them and avoid having to cut into the walls. By using a unique patching material that fills in the holes we make the wall's surface smooth again with minimal mess or the need for an unnecessary expense.

Medium Holes

With bigger holes and damage, we have access to specialized material and tools to help reinforce the surface area that incurred the damage. 

It's important to make sure the area can withstand any normal wear and tear so we make sure it's repaired professionally.

If there is any particular texture design on the wall, we will ensure the texture is matched up to provide the perfect finish for your peace of mind.

Scuffs and Scratches

Life happens, and whether it happens in the privacy of your own home or in public spaces with high traffic it will leave marks. Damaged surfaces from the scuffs and scratches of inevitable contacts not only start to look bad and give a bad impression but will eventually weaken the wall and may degrade into holes. We will happily repair or replaster those scuff marks and scratches, prepping our drywall for repainting and of course, ensuring that the resulting repairs match perfectly with existing wall or ceiling work.

Corner Bead

Corners are particularly susceptible to damage because they project and so are subject to knocks from pedestrians, trolleys, and anything else that is moved through residential or commercial areas. Because of that we protect all corners with metal corner beading - L-shaped corner pieces which are set into the plaster. Even with proper corner beads in place, however, damage can still happen and not only can plaster be flaked off to expose the bead but the bead itself can be dented. We will cut out older and damaged bead and replace it with new bead before making good the surface with sheetrock patches or plaster. Where we think the damage is due to inevitable wear and tear because of where it is then we can also reinforce corners to better help them stand up to further knocks and impact.

Nail Pops and Door Knob Holes

These are so common that everyone has seen examples at some point. Either because nails and screws have worked free from the backing they’re in or simply because the drywall finish was too thin and the screw or nail heads are starting to show the result is a line of blobs standing proud from the wall. We can make that go away for you. Likewise the classic door knob hole where the opening door bangs into the drywall - we’ve all seen it and the resulting hole looks bad and often punches clean through into the wall cavity. We will patch that so you’ll never know it was there and make sure to install a door stop so it doesn’t happen again.

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