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Welcome to Prestige Drywall Contractors of Rancho Cucamonga - the best drywall contractor in San Bernardino County, California.

You can count on us for professionalism and quality work on your walls and ceilings. We bring decades of experience, passed down through years of training, and problem-solving various on-the-job challenges.

We know how important it is to enjoy the time you spend in your home. That's tough to do if holes, cracks, or imperfections are glaring at you from your walls.

Give us a call today at 909-306-5882.

Find out how easy we make it to have your drywall repaired so you can have your perfect-looking walls and ceilings back.

About Us

We are the top choice when looking for professional, licensed, and experienced drywall contractors right here in Rancho Cucamonga.

There's no job is too big or too small - we know they are equally as important to our clients.

Whether you are considering a complete room or house remodel or sick and tired of looking at holes and cracks in your walls or ceilings, we have got you covered.

When you want a drywall company that gets it right the first time around, we are the number to call.

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    There is no shortage of YouTube videos claiming to show you how to install your own drywall or hardware stores that are only too happy to sell you drywall, mud, and all the tools with the notion that you can save money with DIY strategies.

    Over the many years that we have been in business, I've lost count of how many times we've been called out to a house by a frustrated homeowner that didn't understand how much work was going to be required, especially if they were hoping for a smooth surface for the best finish.

    We have significant experience with a room or entire remodel requiring new drywall installation. We have a thorough understanding of the architectural impact on sound, heat, and shaping of spaces.

    Our team is experts when it comes to drywall repairs and popcorn ceiling removal. We have seen all levels of damage and understand the constraints when we are working in conjunction with additional contractors on your project.

    Trust that we are fully licensed and insured with extensive training and safety protocols in place. The safety of your family, property, and our staff is always made a priority.

    Drywall Repair
    Drywall Installation
    Drywall Maintenance

    Drywall Installation

    Drywall installation has come a long way and now there are any number of different types of battens and studs, reinforcements for likely impact areas, and different types of sheetrock panels to choose from. They all have their particular benefits and before we get going on a new drywall installation we like to take the time to sit down with you the customer and talk about the likely environment that drywall will exist in. There’s a drywall installation for every vertical surface and every ceiling, so talk to us about cost-effective, high performance, great looking drywall for your property.

    Drywall Repair

    Things get damaged; it’s a fact of life.  There are the little things like doorknob impacts that punch holes in the wall, the kicking and scuffing that come with the territory in high traffic areas, the unexpected knock when moving furniture and the ‘how the heck did that happen?’ damage after a big party. Not a problem. We can check that damage is not structural, reinforce damaged drywall where necessary, and cut away the old surfaces to allow large or small patches of new drywall that we can then match with any texture or paint there is on the surrounding area. Trust us to put it right.

    Wall and Ceiling Repair

    Walls and ceilings are taking stress all the time and everything from seasonal heat expansion and contraction to the settling of new construction can lead to cracks that open up and look menacing. We can check if a crack is simply superficial or needs more in-depth repair and we can smooth it away. Likewise stains on ceilings, or uneven finish that shows up in bright light areas is simply not a problem for us to deal with. Whatever your wall and ceiling repair needs we can do it.


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program tells us that the difference between an insulated and an uninsulated home accounts for a full 15 percent of a household’s heating and cooling costs. That’s hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bill. So let us look at how best to insulate your walls and ceilings to save on the costs of heating and cooling.

    Drywall Taping and Mudding

    Taping and mudding is one of the trickiest parts of finishing and is best done with a multi layer approach of different compounds, types of tapes, and finishing off. We can tape and mud drywall so that there are simply no visible seams or screwheads which means you get perfectly smooth flat surfaces that look impeccable even if painted high gloss and lit by bright lighting.


    Nobody wants noise pollution to spoil their lives and if you have neighbors you can do without the grief of your noise bothering them so soundproofing is sound advice. There are a number of ways we can soundproof your walls and ceilings ranging from effectively suspending them on flexible metal so they don’t transmit impact or vibration to retrofitting sound insulation foam into old drywall. Talk to us about what will suit you best so you too can enjoy a quiet life.

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    Contact Us Today

    The first step in any successful drywall installation, remodel, or repair is to get in touch and talk about your needs, your budget, and your dream finish. Whatever your requirements or constraints we can propose the drywall solution that will make it happen at a price to make you happy.


    “We wanted to turn our basement into a home office but were worried about the walls and the risk of dampness from the subsoil. So we had the whole thing drywalled with barrier layers and mold resistant sheetrock. The results are just great.” - Jane L.

    “We are lucky enough to have three happy healthy kids but if you have kids yourself you’ll know just how much noise that means from the den. So we had the whole thing soundproofed and tricked out with metal fittings that dampened the vibration and the thumps. Now everyone is happy.” - Helen D.

    “We recently moved into a house like a time machine with old popcorn ceilings and uninsulated drywalls. We got these guys round and they immediately gave us a heap of suggestions of how it could be improved quickly and at a reasonable price. We’re really happy with the work they did.” - Tony T.