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drywall experts installing ceiling

As professional and high quality drywall contractors we provide all the services you’d expect when it comes to drywall - and a few you probably didn’t. Of course we install drywall from scratch, either as part of a new build construction or as part of a home remodelling with entirely new partition walls and false ceilings. When we do that we come armed with a host of different types of sheetrock depending on the desired effect and the likely challenges that drywall will face over its life. We know a lot about those challenges too, since we are specialists in drywall repair for both walls and ceilings. That means patching holes, large and small, smoothing away cracks and irregularities, removing stained areas, and simply dealing with the scratches and scuffs that come as part and parcel of everyday life. As well as doing the structural work of drywall installation, including reinforcement where advisable, we also take great pride in our finishing. That starts with the taping and mudding which enables us to build up smooth layers in increments so that there are simply no visible seams or screw heads across even large areas of drywall. Then there’s the functional side in which we ensure that drywall is insulated, waterproof, and immune to mold or damp. Then for those tricky areas we supply and install soundproofing to deliver a quiet and untroubled life for you, and a long life for the drywall itself.

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