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Installing insulation before the drywall

Insulation brings enormous benefits to a property. The immediate one that people realise is the cost benefit of reduced energy bills but in reality insulation goes much further. For a start it reduces a property’s energy footprint which is clearly better for the planet. That doesn’t just set a good example for your kids, it can be key to your corporate image for commercial property. Then there’s the fact that insulation isn’t just thermal - it can also include waterproofing and that protects your drywall over time which in turn means long term cost savings. Options are many and varied and include reflective or radiant barriers, rigid foam panels, foam board, blanket batts and rolls, spray foam insulation, and blown-in insulation. Each has pros and cons so talk to us today to find out what kind of insulation will best protect your property and your wallet.

Cost Savings

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, the difference between an insulated and an uninsulated home translates to some 15 percent of a household’s heating and cooling costs (cooling a home takes power whether it’s AC or fans). Which means that the typical home stands to save literally hundreds of dollars every year on their utility bill.  That only multiplies upwards for commercial or multi residential buildings where the cost savings can reach the thousands. Which makes insulation a no brainer for its benefits to your budget as well as making properties more energy efficient and thus better for the planet.

Retrofit Wall Insulation

Older homes or cheaper constructions may literally feature no insulation in the drywall cavities. We can retrofit insulation to those walls and don’t necessarily have to lift off the existing sheetrock panels in order to do so. For example blow-in cellulose insulation fills gaps in existing walls, is recycled and when treated can be fireproof. So call us in to inspect your existing walls and we will then advise you on your best way to bring them up to scratch and get your property the best Energy Star rating it can have.


The classic fiberglass foam insulation remains popular and is quick for us to fit in between the battens and studs of a drywall but it is far from the only option. If your goal is keeping your property cool when it’s hot weather and warm when it’s cold outside then we can recommend a range of products including the panels themselves and fiberglass or non-irritant material foams.


Water is damaging to drywall and while we will always check for causes of damp it is sometimes unavoidable for example where external walls have drainage problems. Not a problem as we will choose the materials to keep water out and prevent it from causing unsightly stains or long term damage.  We can install water and mold proof drywall panels where required as well as urethane coating and barrier sheets within the wall itself. Likewise we can ensure that ceilings never develop ugly staining and that bathrooms remain pristine no matter how enthusiastically your family showers.

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